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AKC Pomeranian BIS Ch. Bi-Mar Sundance Kid

The Ultimate in Quality Pomeranians


  • RATED TOP TEN SHOW POMERANIANS IN USA: 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 AND 1988
  • RATED AS A TOP SIRE IN USA - 1985, 1987

Sunny was whelped from a litter of three males on October 17, 1980. All three were show quality but Sunny always had the showmanship and the personality that stood him apart from his brothers. He was different in type from what I had been raising with a beautiful baby face and higher on leg, very short back with tremendous power in his rear stride. This made him different than most Pomeranians that just tiptoed around the ring. In Toys groups and Best in Show competition his stride was phenomenal when viewed from the side. Sunny finished his AKC championship at one year of age, undefeated.

His first Best in Show and his last were the ones I will remember always. His first Best in Show was July 14, 1984 at Portland Kennel judged by Robert Wills and topping an entry of 2,367. Several of the qualifiers for Best in Show were number one in the nation, in their respected groups. This was a hot day yet Sunny was at his best and sparred with the German Shepherd as they stopped to be judged by Mr. Robert Wills. The crowd was so captured by this little clear red orange guy and they refused to applaud for any other dog in contention for Best in Show. Mr. Wills walked down the line up three times and there was no sound from any one at ringside until they came to “Sunny”. The crowd was unbelievable and they all just wanted to see this little guy who acted like he deserved Best in Show to win. One lady followed us back to our grooming area after this win and said her husband was a professional handler from California up here for the circuit, but she wanted us to know she didn’t applaud for him, that her support was for Sunny. As far as she was concerned there was no other dog that deserved this win.

In 1984, he was the #2 Pomeranian in the top 100 Toy Group with Canine Chronicle, #2 Pomeranian top 10 Pomeranian with Canine Chronicle Finals and #2 Pomeranian in Toy 100 Rutledge Point Finals with just six months of showing. #2 Pomeranian in top ten Pomeranians in the United Sates – AKC Gazette for 1985. Sunny was a showman, he loved the ring and was a real ham when he heard the applause. He always felt it was for him and most of the time it was.

His last Best in Show under judge James Nickerson was June 5, 1988 at eight years old, breeder/owner/handled. Sunny still was the favorite with the crowd as he always had been through out his career. We had people come up and just kiss his feet as I was holding him in my arms. He captured the hearts of the amateur as well as the professional in the show game. I had many professional handlers and judges alike tell me he was one of the most beautiful and sound Pomeranian’s that they had seen.

Looking back on Sunny’s pedigree it looks like he was an outcross, but in the fifth and sixth generations he is line bred on the Aristic bloodlines. Which is the reason that whether he was line bred or out crossed, he truly stamped his offspring. He is the sire of 26 champions, including Best in Show winners, International champions, and National Specialty, Regional Specialty and Toy Group winners. Sunny was never at public stud and his champion offspring were bred by Bi-Mar Pomeranians.

His breeding to Bi-Mar's  Cat Ballou, ROMX and Bi-Mar's  Misty, ROMX each produced 6 AKC champions. Another son, Ch. Sampico Top Hat and Tails, C. D., is also recognized by the APC and listed in the Hall of Fame.

Sunny’s type and soundness has been carried over to his grandkids. BIS CH. Lovely Jessie Sais So is also siring champions. Int. and Am. Ch. Bi-Mar's  Moonwalker has multiple Best in Shows in Bangkok. Ch. Sandtown’s Teddy Bear was the Number One Toy Dog in Hawaii in 1991 and 1992 and is also siring Best in Show winners. A granddaughter, Ch. Bi-Mar Sugar Pie Honey when bred back to Sunny produced Int. & Am. Ch. Bi-Mar's  Sunny’s Image and Can & Am. Ch. Bi-Mar's  Sunny’s Candyman. Her litter sister, Ch. Bi-Mar's Saucy Sadie produced three champions with toy group 1st wins: Ch. Philbrooks’ Home James, Ch. Philbrook’s Mama’s Lil Jewel and Ch. Philbrook’s Devilish Dudley. A son, BISA Ph. Ch. Bi-Mar's  Sunny’s Gee Whiz was the number 1 Pomeranian in the Philippines and in turn has sired BISA Ph. Ch. Crisden’s Calanua BTJ Whiz and several other champions for Chrisden kennels, which include: Ph. Ch. Chrisden’s Wizard Maiden, Ph. Ch. Chrisden’s Red Watari, Ph. Grand Ch. Chrisden’s Major of Empee, and Russian/Malaysian Ch. Chrisden’s Wizard Fairy. Other grandsons are Am. & Can. Ch. Cascade’s Sunkist Goldenrod. Group winner, Ch. Bi-Mar's All That Jazz ;who in return sired anothe group winner, Ch. Bi-Mar's Country Jazz, also the APC specialty winner at 9 months old going Best of Winners and Best Puppy.  Another winner is Ch. Bi-Mar's Zorro finishing from the classes over number 1 and number 3 Pomeranians in the nation.

Sunny was laid to rest two months short of his 16 birthday. He was my house pet and always slept on my bed. He was my constant companion and he was and always will be special to me. Time will not erase his memory and the legacy he has left behind through his bloodline.

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Pom Reader May 2010
“Strong Foundation”…

A Closer Look at Poms from the Past who Continue to Impact the Successful Breed Programs of Today.

BIS Ch Bi-Mar’s Sundance Kid, ROMS

Sunny, who’s call name perfectly matched his disposition according to breeder Mary Rosenbaum, was born in October of 1980 in Federal Way, Washington. He was a five-pound, clear deep orange, who was named for the movie classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Sunny’s father, Ch. Tomanoll’s Tiny Teddy Bear was a great grandson of the famous ROMS producer BIS Ch. Corn Duke’s Dragonfly. His mother, Bi-Mar Kandi Kane was herself a great granddaughter of Ch. Sungold’s Gay Cavalier ROMS, who produced sixty five champions in his lifetime. The pairing of these two breed powerhouses within Sunny’s pedigree proved to be a very winning combination, which continues to provide a living dynasty within the Bi-mar program and many others.

Mary already a twenty-year veteran of the breed at the time of Sunny’s birth, says she ”knew from the beginning he was something very special.” According to Mary “he lived to show, and thought any and all applause was tailor made just for him.” Sunny finished his championship undefeated from the classes at one year of age. However, Mary is quick to point out that he did not achieve his true potential until age two, which she cites as a benchmark of her breed program.

During his highly successful specials campaign Sunny garnered top ten breed rankings from 1983 through 1988. He was awarded twenty one toy group firsts, four best in specialty show wins, and four all breed best in shows. In addition, he was the number one sire in 1986 and 1992, and was among the top sires in 1985 and 1987 as well. Sunny received APC honors as a register of merit supreme producer, and was also a hall of fame and gold club recipient.

Among the high points of his long and distinguished show career is a best in show award at eight years old and while being breeder/owner handled. Mary recalls the details of that day with emotion audible in her voice as ”one of the proudest moments she has ever been blessed to experience in her forty eight years as a breeder.” She goes on to say, ”I’ll never forget what it meant to me to show him at eight years old, still having all his teeth, and being as sound as he was when he was a pup.”

In Sunny’s fifteen years of life, all of which were spent as Mary’s constant companion, he produced twenty six American Champion get. Included among them are best in show, toy group, and APC specialty winners. An impressive achievement for any sire, but especially so when one considers the fact that Sunny was never made available at public stud. Mary explains that concerns over Parvo, which was prevalent at that time, led to her decision to use Sunny solely within her own breed program

However, Mary did go on to place several of Sunny’s offspring with other breeders. Thus enabling the perpetuation of his bloodlines throughout many kennels in the united states and abroad. Among the programs Sunny went on to contribute to are Autumn, Sandtown, Biconty, Lovely, Daystar, Randy’s, Philbrook, Chrisden, Palisades, Red Hot, Golden Star, Rise N Shine, Showtime, Cascade, Case’s, Kharisma, Ryms, Valcopy, and Woodrose

A pivotal dog in Sunny’s legacy as a sire was Ph. Ch. Bi-Mar’s Gee Whiz, who was sold to the then Philippines ambassador to the US, Tony Magtibay. He ensured a highly successful campaign for the dog who earned multiple best in shows awards taking him to the ranking as the number one Pom in the Philippines for several years, prior to making him available at stud. The end result was various influential Sunny grandsons and granddaughters throughout the Philippines, who in many ways shaped the face of the breed in that country at the time.

From a personal perspective, Mary recalls Sunny as “a dog who taught her many significant lessons as a breeder. He showed me the importance of line breeding on outstanding attributes, and what essential traits can be set into a line through doing so."

Although Mary Rosenbaum has produced over one hundred and fifty champions under the Bi-Mar kennel name, she can’t help but get nostalgic when her thoughts turn to Sunny. She says, “ He was a once in a lifetime dog, and I’ll never forget him and what he brought to me personally, as well as to my breed program.

Proud Member of the American Pomeranian Club.